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Business or pleasure, we are sure to have a class that will help you grow.

We are currently working on developing some awesome classes! We will release the schedule and registration form once we are closer to our May 6th opening date. Please take a quick moment to sign up below for updates when we release our class schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a few of the most asked questions we get from customers.

How long is a class and how much is it?

Most classes will run between 1 hour and 1-1/2 hours long and will cost will depend on the specific class.  Please see each individual class for all the details.

Do I have to pay online?

We do have an offline payment option, however we prefer you use our online payment option. If you choose the offline option, and are a no-call or no-show to class, you will be unable to choose that option in the future. 

Our class size is very limited and we want to make sure we are able to give anyone interested an opportunity to join us.  

What do I need to bring to class?

Most classes will only require you to bring yourself, a laptop and note taking materials. If you only have a desktop computer, we can potentially provide you with a laptop to use while in class. Please let us know when you register that you will be requiring a loaner so we can ensure we have that ready for you.  

How do I know if I am ready for a certain class?

We try and label all of our classes with a level rating of beginner to advanced. We also try and give a basic overview of what you should know before each topic on the individual class pages.

Beginner Level: New to the concept, but has basic computer skills such as how to use the internet. 

Intermediate Level: Familiar with the subject’s basics and have a roundabout understanding of the topic we will be covering.

 Advanced Level: Has a broad understanding of the topic at a high level.

Again, check each individual course for more information on what’s expected for each topic.

Are the classes hands on?

Absolutely! We find the best way to learn a topic is to dive right in and get your hands dirty. We will ask you to follow along with us as we demonstrate and then we will ask you to individually complete tasks while we assist with any questions you or others may have.  

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